Humba wumba

Humba Wumba is a Shaman from the Banjo-Kazooie Series. She is Mumbo Jumbo's main rival.


Humba Wumba made her debue in Banjo-Tooie. She replaced Mumbo Jumbo by giving Banjo and 
Kazooie Transformations while Mumbo was able to be a playable character. 
If the player is using Mumbo Jumbo and enters Humba Wumbas Wigwam, she will start
pestering him to leave, and eventurally threaten him.
In Glitter Gulch Mine, if Mumbo tries to use the warp pad to enter her wigwam, Jamjars 
will tell him that he is not welcome.

==Isle o' Hags==
In Isle o' Hags Humba Wumba transforms Kazooie into the fierce Dragon Kazooie in exchange for the Mega-Glowbo.
Unlike most transformations, Dragon Kazooie can go into any world without changing back, as is the only transformation
for Kazooie.

==Mayahem Temple==

In Mayahem Temple, she transforms Banjo into a Stony, which can shoulder-barge enemies and fit
through small cracks in the wall

==Glitter Gulch Mine==
In Glitter Gulch Mine, she turns Banjo into the Dynamite Detonator, which can explode.

In Witchyworld, she turns Banjo into the Money Van, which can pay for rides.

==Jolly Rogers Lagoon==
In Jolly Rogers Lagoon, she turns Banjo into the Submarine, which can shoot missiles and breathe 

In Terrydactyland, she can turn Banjo into either the Daddy T-rex or the Baby T-rex. The Daddy T-rex is
invincible and the Baby T-rex can fit through small cracks in the walls and can talk to fellow dinosaurs.

==Grunty Industries==
In Grunty Industries, she turns Banjo into the Washing Machine which can fire pants at enemies and clean clothes.

==Hailfire Peaks==
In Hailfire Peaks, she can turn Banjo into the Snowball, which grows by rolling in snow, and shrinks and dies
by being in heat.

==Cloud Cuckooland==
In Cloud Cuckooland, she can turn Banjo into the Bee, which can fly and sting. It is the only returning 
transformation from Banjo-Kazooie.

==Banjo-Kazooie Nuts and Bolts==

In Nuts and Bolts, Humba Wumba sells vehicle parts and vehicle blueprints to Banjo and 
Kazooie in exchange for notes in Showdown Town, which can be used in Mumbos Motors.

==Nutty Acres==
In Nutty Acres, Humba acts as Mumbo Jumbo wife, and is one of the only hard-working characters on the farm.

==LOGBOX 720==
In the LOGBOX 720, she is apart of an all-girls gaming tribe. She is constantly challenging Banjo to races and hosts
many racing competitions.

==Terrarium of Terror==
In the Terrarium of Terror, she is a conservationist who is trying to preserve the flora in the terrarium from extinction.
She gets very angry whenever the plants are endanger. She even built an eco-friendly vehicle for Banjo to use in the 
first mission.

==LOGs Lost Challenges==
In LOGs Lost Challenges, she plays the Feisty Femme Fatale that once tried out for the Colleseum, but didn't quite make